Big data has created an unprecedented frontier for innovative, data centric organizations. Pioneers have made the investment in big data and taken on calculated risk and complexity with their investment. But established and trusted risk, security, and IT policies haven’t translated well into the Hadoop ecosystem and have forced organizations to re-create governance programs to comply with policies using a limited set of legacy tools and domain expertise.

IT and Corporate Risk policies are the foundation of trust in technology. Internal and external stakeholders, partners, and regulatory bodies depend on trust. Untrusted data is not actionable.

New Patterns of Governance

Existing governance policies are built around legacy business patterns that don’t necessarily apply to the data lake ecosystems. Infobelt has captured emerging data lake patterns and applied our governance domain expertise and philosophy to craft Information Governance programs and policies specific to big data.

Emerging Open Source Ecosystem

The open source community is rallying around Hadoop governance issues. The organization of these tools enables platform-agnostic governance controls that effectively address compliance requirements. Our open source and big data experts will apply new policies and patterns using the ecosystem of tools including Apache Falcon, Sentry, Ranger, et al.

About Infobelt

We are an information governance and archiving company, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC by a team of executive alumni from Bank of America. Through a combination of advisory and integration services, Infobelt provides comprehensive solutions to our clients’ big data needs. We assess and advise clients on how to build a Hadoop Information Governance Program in line with vertical compliance needs and support it with policies, processes, people, and open source technology. Our integration team consists of big data thought leaders, authors and compliance experts with decades of domain experience.

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