Tomorrow, October 14th, in an effort to support our local information lifecycle governance (ILG) community, we are hosting the ARMA Piedmont chapter luncheon.


Peter Mojica will be speaking on modernizing data archiving and governance. He’ll be discussing the important facts to consider about ILG including; policies, processes, practices, and technology used to manage information throughout its life, starting with creation and ending with proper disposal.

With more than twenty-five years of information technology experience, Peter has held key executive positions in software, financial, consulting, and corporate sectors, including Vice President of Research & Development for First Union National Bank Capital Markets. There he led research in the computer science field as it applied to leveraging technology within the banking and financial markets. He has demonstrated success in creating, building and launching enterprise class products for domestic and international markets.

Peter currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer and CIO of BioVigil Systems (Ann Arbor, MI). Prior to joining BioVigil, Mojica was recruited by the Board of AXS-One to develop a new enterprise class software and services business for email archiving, file archiving, regulatory compliance and eDiscovery based on an existing [enterprise] legacy archiving software platform product that was, at the time, being maintained by the firm. In addition, Peter is a Senior Consultant for Infobelt, an enterprise archiving and governance solution.

We are looking forward to engaging industry experts and shedding light on the mystery of dark data and how to manage it.

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