Information is valuable. It’s as simple as that. Our business world is brimming with more information in more places and is screaming out for better management. It’s our mission to provide an information archiving platform. Information Governance can be simplified and we are going to show the world how to do it.

Infobelt has partnered with the authority of information governance, ARMA international. Next Tuesday, October 14th, in an effort to support our local information lifecycle governance (ILG) community, we are hosting the ARMA Piedmont chapter luncheon.Arma International

Peter Mojica, a senior advisor of Infobelt and internationally recognized technologist, will be speaking to the point of modernized data archiving and governance. He’ll be discussing the important facts to consider about ILG including policies, processes, practices, and technology used to manage information throughout its life, starting with creation and ending with proper disposal. Most organizations are faced with great uncertainty with regard to their overflowing information “parking lots”… What data do they have? What value does it hold? Where is it stored? What rules govern the data? What technology is available to better govern the data? We are looking forward to engaging industry experts and shedding light on the mystery of dark data and how to manage it. Check back soon to learn more about Peter!

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