This past week we welcomed a great crowd to the first North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA) #techworking social held at a member company. While not the first #techworking event, the venue change created a more relaxed and comfortable environment to engage with technology professionals from the region. If you have not yet attended a #techworking event, they are free and open to both members and non-members. Event information can typically be found here: NCTA Event Calendar

So what the heck is NCTA and why are we a part of it?

Infobelt is new to the NCTA landscape. We are just now completing our first year as members and thought we would share three key insights from that year. These are our observations and unique to our company, size, place in market, etc. Your experience may vary. You can check out their website for a host of information on upcoming events, their mission, etc. as well as follow them on social media. Twitter is our favorite: @NCTA

#1: You get in what you put in.

Likely not the most earth shattering advice, but worth noting first. Time is a precious commodity. I’ve personally seen a number or startups and enterprises alike squander away opportunities waiting for someone to do something for them. In the scrappy startup world ‘carpe diem’ rules the day. Take the time to get to know the organization, its people, and what each others expectations are.

#2 Teach Your Team

If you have built a unique and diverse team, likely everyone connects differently. Help everyone in your company understand how they can interact and connect with the organization. We had the realization one day that only a couple of us had any real engagement with NCTA. We knew that in order to live up to #1, we needed to engage our entire company. Not only does it help keep your team connected, but it also creates opportunities for equally unique and diverse people to connect with your company.

#3 Be good stewards

Everyone is building something. A company, a product, a platform, or a community. Attracting the right talent, money, and energy into the community to support it is a Herculean effort and everyone should feel obligated to put their shoulder to the wheel. Organizations like NCTA allow for otherwise disconnected companies and their people to come together and support a common cause. While we feel there is still a ton of work to be done here in North Carolina around this topic, NCTA is helping move that conversation forward. We like being a part of that and hope you do to.

Look forward to connecting with everyone at the next @NCTA #techworking social!


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