Last week myself along with three other counterparts at Infobelt attended our first American Records Management Association (ARMA) show in sunny San Diego. Among the many engaging conversations around the paradigm shift to information governance, there was a theme that developed. We noticed three types of companies that attended and want to share our observation.

The first type of company was those whose IT and RIM teams were not only in sync, but attended the show together. They were the rare birds, and also appeared to have the best understanding of where they were, where they are going, and how they are getting there.Booth838 - Infobelt

The second type was similar to the first, but lacked the tight connection between RIM and IT. The RIMs that were in attendance at ARMA indicated some sort of support from IT, but admitted that the support did not indicate a mutual understanding of needs.

The third and most common type were the lone wolves. For them, the IT team might as well work at a different company. They may see each other coming and going but a mutual understanding is far from their reality.

Which type of company is yours?

As good stewards of the information governance community we want to help bridge the gap between IT and RIM. There is inherent value in creating common ground among these two typically siloed departments. Tell us your story!

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