Stefanie Mahaboob is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. Earning her Bachelor degree in Political Science and Sociology accompanied by a minor in Spanish, Stefanie began her professional career with strong ambitions. While in college, she volunteered with non-profits such as the Empowerment Project and the Borgen Project. Throughout her volunteerism, Stefanie discovered “business as a movement.”  Realizing her dream to spark actions that drive positive change, Stefanie began her search to be a part of something impactful. That search led her to the Infobelt team.

Leveraging her ability to strategically coordinate activity, she completed the Scrum Training Series earning her Scrum Master certification and is now our Project Manager/ScrumMaster. Stefanie plays a dynamic role in Infobelt’s efforts to bridge the gap between the business and technology sides of the company. Through the use of the Agile Development methodology, she takes the time to ensure that quality planning efforts, perfected designs and overall product improvements are achieved. Her passion is to mobilize people behind a shared purpose and rally them to tackle development improvements.

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