Infobelt’s founder, Srini Mannava, began his career on Wall Street in an environment where he embraced standards for excellence that now reflect onto the guidelines he uses today. Srini is Infobelt’s driving visionary with an eye for engineering the future of Information Management and Governance. His career has encompassed an array of powerhouse companies, and has transformed how the enterprise sector governs their data.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs thick in Srini. While his career has included time with the likes of Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America, he has always strived to forge his own path. Originally from India, he traveled to the United States to expand the opportunities of his professional journey. Infobelt has provided that opportunity. Srini’s role in disrupting the way information is managed began while at Bank of America, he was entrusted with creating a center of excellence in support of structured data management and engineering of new technologies. Following this, Srini went on to develop a beta platform that executed information lifecycle and governance for structured data.

Beyond his local accolades, Srini has worked globally in countries including the UK, Japan, Singapore, and India, managing international teams of more than 200 through periods of robust technological growth. Srini has achieved both his undergraduate degree and Masters of Science in Computer Science. As forerunner in the Lifecycle Management and Governance field, his aspiration is to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas to deliver a comprehensive platform for the lifecycle and governance of all types of content.

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