A skilled and proven leader whose experience spans nearly every aspect of technology research and development, financial risk management, and business strategy, Scott Sappenfield brings a unique breadth of insight and knowledge to his role as Infobelt’s Head of Product Development. He guides the development and growth of the Enterprise Archiving and Governance platform into a premium software solution with a highly responsive user interface and impeccable service capabilities.

He earned his undergraduate in Computer Engineering, accompanied by a minor in Mathematics from Clemson University as well as his MBA from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. In addition to his degrees Scott has acquired a number of certifications such as, Certified Risk Manager and Certified Enterprise Architect. Being in and around the development and production of software system solutions for over fifteen years, eight of which were spent with IBM and Bank of America, Scott has been recognized as a distinguished leader within his field of expertise. Prior to joining Infobelt, Scott spent five years as CIO for a health care firm where he also acted as the HIPAA Security Officer and the Record’s Manager.

Within Infobelt, Scott oversees the day to day operations of our product development team, with a focus on collaboration. He provides technical leadership and sets the strategic direction needed to create a solution-focused environment. Cross-functionally, he facilitates the alignment between development and business leader teams. Scott’s mission is to continue his impact on the way enterprise infrastructures are governed.

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