Rich Barefoot has sought to cultivate a different approach to business development. The philosophy of his strategy is to “connect the dots” of his network. Contrary to most, Rich goes beyond the idea of networking and looks to each interaction as a chance to act as liaison, linking appropriate people with one another creating an end result of long term value. In layman’s terms, Rich is a connector.

As a graduate of North Carolina State University, Rich earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Finance. Following graduation, he began his career in business development and has only looked forward since. His journey was kick-started with Lanier Worldwide, who is known for their rigorous training programs. Spending more than twenty years with Ricoh America’s, parent company to Lanier Worldwide, Rich established a solid understanding of Document and Information Management. Now, with Infobelt, Rich has set out to create genuine, long term value as he continues his legacy with us.

Beyond his career, Rich keeps in balance through volunteering in his Church and surrounding community. He serves as an Elder at his local church, Sharon Presbyterian, moderating several committees. Rich has also served as Board Chair at the Dowd YMCA where he continues to assist with fundraising and the community service efforts of today. In these roles Rich has heavily influenced local programs and stewardship.

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