Infobelt’s Director of Marketing, Bruce Clark, has a stage that’s been set for success and very little can be done to slow him down. His political, media, operations, and film background coupled with his general passion for all things “tech” has provided him an elaborate skillset, enabling him to be the driving force for marketing initiatives at Infobelt.

Bruce earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Illinois College. His operation career started while working with entrepreneurial franchisees  establishing his ability to effectively relate and communicate with wide audiences. He has since worked through an eclectic array of public relations and marketing communication challenges in numerous industries. These include successfully leading several major political movements such as the Obama for America Campaign and the Anthony Foxx for Mayor Campaign. During the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Bruce was tasked with assuming the role of Executive Director of the independently run media hub, The PPL, just ten weeks prior to the start of the event. As a result of his determination and drive, the event was wildly successful, hosting over 1500 digital media creators, newsmakers, and subject matter experts from around the globe. His vision for strategy and drive for execution have positioned him as a pioneer in the Public Relation and Marketing fields.

Bruce brings Infobelt’s brand to life. He has become a nexus of information, fulfilling this highly receptive role while also bringing Infobelt together as one voice. Taking what was once simply an idea, he leads the strategic development and execution needed to evolve that idea into what is now our reality.

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