What the heck is Information Governance anyway?

As we learned a few weeks back at #ARMA2014 defining information governance [IG] can be a challenge in and of itself. As the paradigm shift from records management to IG continues to gain momentum, many people are asking: What the heck is Information Governance anyway? As not to reinvent the wheel, we look to the […]

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The Fault In Our Stars

The stars that we see at night aren’t where they appear to be; we look back through time as we gaze at the skies. Yes, they were once there,  a millennium or two ago, but no longer burn bright. Does this analogy hold true with the stars of Big Tech? As smaller start-ups, they were […]

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ARMA 2014: My Key Takeaway

Last week myself along with three other counterparts at Infobelt attended our first American Records Management Association (ARMA) show in sunny San Diego. Among the many engaging conversations around the paradigm shift to information governance, there was a theme that developed. We noticed three types of companies that attended and want to share our observation. […]

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