There is nothing more satisfying than creating a solution that is able to benefit people in a way incumbent players have yet to do. However, it takes determination to willingly accept the prospect of failure head on, and maintain the resolve required to succeed. When setting an idea in motion, riding out the highs and lows from humble beginnings to ultimate success, the road can be a volatile and an unforgiving one. As entrepreneurs we look at problems from a different standpoint. We create innovative and at times risky solutions. Without a doubt, there are ups and downs. Noted in a recent Forbes article on entrepreneurs, “The arduous experience of entrepreneurship often makes founders a fount of business advice.”

Now, as a chance to give-back to the local startup community, Infobelt is excited to be a part of the panel discussion happening at Packard Place tomorrow! A forward-thinking group of entrepreneurs from Wingate University will be touring our office-spaces and picking the brains of our like-minded founders. We look forward to sharing our insight with them and hearing some of their bright ideas as well!

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