In today’s swirling data landscape we are fraught with mega breaches dominating the media headlines. The NSA, major enterprise hacks, and data leaks are all provoking widely-broadcast discussions on the need for improved data security and infrastructure. Nationally-ranked media outlets like NPR, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal are all buzzing about the issue. The White House has even named its first ever Chief Data Scientist and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy, DJ Patil, to direct the growing number of technology executives defecting to Washington to help the federal government overhaul its IT.

As the volume, velocity, and variety of data produced continues to increase exponentially, the world is beginning to look more critically at the standard of data management and information governance practices. Until the past several years, there was simply not enough of a case for the relevancy of these issues to examine them closely. The recent high-profile example of Hillary Clinton neatly characterizes the shift in that dynamic; the entire controversy revolves around poorly executed (or at least poorly communicated) information management and governance. Of course, the public and regulatory scrutiny of these practices are by no means limited to the public sector.

Whether a large corporation like Target or Premera Blue Cross or an up-and-coming startup firm, a thorough and flexible information governance strategy is necessary to ensure employees and consumers know their information is secure. The challenge comes in choosing the solution. Many of the top vendors in the big data management space are behemoth multifunctional conglomerates whose main focus lies outside the realm of data management, and they accordingly have trouble controlling their own internal systems.

Thankfully, that is not all that’s out there. There are companies in the market with both proper scalability and comprehensive capability. To learn more about solutions and services that will drive your enterprise to achieve it’s customized information governance solution, call us at 980-223-4000 or write us using our contact us page.


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